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Gilles Ouellette

Gilles Ouellette’s work ethic, forged in his teens, working 100-hour weeks, defines the tenacity with which he approaches risk management on behalf of his clients’ life and business dealings, minimizing their tax … maximizing their cash flow.

His tenured career as a financial advisor with the most respected banking and life insurance companies prepared Gilles to become principal of the Inclusif Group, a financial planning firm, where he specializes in retirement and estate planning. Working with his clients’ lawyers and accountants Gilles guides business owners wishing to transition out of their companies to do so in the most organized and tax efficient manner.

Gilles is especially proud of his past presidency of the The Exchange Network, a business leadership club, his role as Finance Chair for Compassionate Friends … an organization that provides bereaved parents with assistance through their grieving process … and his dedication to his wife Janet and their blended family.

For over 40 years I have personally advised and secured my clients’ financial growth and well-being. Objectivity and impartiality rank high among the standards we bring to the table. Our clients will tell you the level of trust they feel knowing their investments are strategically managed and monitored. They can ask any questions at any time and receive patient, well thought out, thorough responses. The marketplace is an ever changing, evolving entity that holds promise for every investor, family and business. Here at the Inclusif Group, my colleagues and I rationalize, interpret and balance the complexities of the financial markets to provide you with sound footing, steady progress, security, and the confidence you need to plan and lead your life successfully.

Gilles Ouellette

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